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Wood processing and products


In order to maximize the of the wood, Arduini Legnami’s experts classify each log with great care; and with their deep knowledge, they also make sure that each log is cut the best way. We decide the best use of the logs before they have arrived in our sawmill and the best use for every piece of timber.


Flitches, plots and boules : unedged lumber, used whenever final user need uniformity in color and grain and significant widths. Long lengths, heart remouved if requested, rebuilt into the log (boules). Excllentcolour cosistency for forniture, cabinet makers and coffins industries.

Sawnende lumber: standard squared edged lumber in special width. Grades comparable or better than NHLA FAS.


– Lamellas: to be glued together to produce scanlings or panels

– Scantling for windows solid and laminated : in two, three or four layers according to the thickness of the pieces.


Sawmill: Arduini Legnami own it’s proprierty sawmill settled in Roveleto di Cadeo (PC), after they are trimmed under customer request into timber flitchges ( Unfinisched planks) and, depending upon the species and quality of the timber, the flitches will either been further sawn into rough-sawn edged timber, beams, S4S decking or been trated in our steaming or kiln dryig facilities.

Profile facilities: Arduini Legnami is fully compliance with HSE ( Health safety enviroment ) regulations and take care of the securiuty olf its employes in order to operate safely, especially with forklift and handheld activities