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Created by Angelo Arduini as a trading company in lumber, we implemented our services from the very beginning, never stopping to invest in facilities, logistic services and machinery to increase quality of our products.

Logs are sawn in our propriety sawmill to produce lumber of various thckness, to be simply kiln in our drying facilities, or re-worked in our trimming production dedicated to fix widths and S4S products.
Our wood in mostly used for forniture (walnut, mohogany, finger jointed panels), coffins ( exotic wood like sapelli, ayous, beli, ebiara, or American wood like yellow pine or European wood like ash), ship yards ( mahogany, iroko, teak ), and windows scantlings (red wood, white wood, oak, mahogany, iroko), ecc.
After sawing, lumber is steamend and dried in our facilities.


Federica Arduini Interview

“The wood by tradition”

With the Arduini family we trace the path of the family business, a company that imports and works every type of wood, with the professionalism and knowledge that is proper to those who have a long history… Read more…