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Wood processing

We choose the best logs from West Africa, North America and Europe

The experts at Arduini Legnami grade each log with great care, in order to maximise wood yield. Thanks to their in-depth experience, they ensure that each log is cut in the best possible way and they organise the best use of logs and each piece of wood before their arrival at the Arduini sawmill.

Selezione tronchi Arduini
Arduini Legnami seleziona tronchi di qualità

Wood working for Carpentry

  • Boards, Flitches, plots and boules: in other words, unedged and unedged lumber, used when the end user requires grain and colour uniformity, as well as specific widths. This material can present long lengths, with the eventual removal of the heart, the reconstruction in logs (boules) and an excellent colour uniformity, appreciated by furniture, cabinet and coffin industries.
  • Sawn timber: sawn timber of specific width.

Wood working for doors and windows manufacturers

  • We offer laminated timber for doors and windows manufacturers. This product consists of a set of different lamellas that can be glued together to produce quality window profiles or panels. We have a large availability of purchased at origin laminated profiles in both standard sections and special sections and produced in Italy to customer order. The wide assortment allows us to provide our customers with exactly what they require, increasing their yield and reducing processing times. Our standard laminated timber is in Spruce, Pine, Larch, Okoumè and Mahogany, while special laminated timber is produced in any wood species.
  • Solid and laminated scantling for windows: they can have two, three or four layers, according to pieces thickness..

Wood treatment for companies

Kiln Drying: as one of the most popular wood treatment in furniture, joinery and flooring industries sectors, it reduces the relative humidity of wood in a controlled environment, together with the hygroscopic behaviour of the wood (adaptability and absorption properties) and the drying in our kilns, which limits the cracks and splits that shrinkage of the wood itself might cause, as in nature.

Trattamento Legname Arduini
Evaporatore Arduini


Steaming: in other words, the exposure of wood to the action of saturated steam stacked inside a cell. When the temperature of 100° is reached, the wood fibres soften and the processing of the raw material becomes, of course, easier.
Our aim is to change the natural colour of wood (walnut and exotic wood in particular) through a process that is certainly natural and not chemical.