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We offer our customers knowledgeable and attentive service

We offer a wide range of services from inspection to purchasing, including importing logs directly from their country of origin.
Secondly, we handle the processing and treatment of wood, its storage and transportation directly to our customers’ warehouses.

Inspection and buying

We purchase only timber from legal and sustainable forest management, following the current EUTR (European Timber Regulation), and constraining illegal timber trade.

We choose our suppliers carefully, always considering reliability and customer historicity, in other words taking into account the continuity of qualities and flexibility of quantities of timbers supplied over the years, and always preferring FSC and PEFC suppliers.

The quality control in the countries of origin of our logs and lumber is implemented by the cooperation between suppliers and on-site tester, always considering the internationally recognized rules provided for each specific provenance. The second testing, also known as internal testing, is implemented when the lumber arrives in Italy and it aims to check the origin quality standards required by the customer for the final application of the chosen lumber.


In order to maintain and improve our quality standards, we follow carefully our timber’s inspection. After that,  wood can reach our warehouse or our end customers.
Inspected in the countries of origin and processed if required, wood is taken directly from the forest or from the sawmill to the logistics area of the port by road or by river transport, and then loaded into containers, in order to reach the final destination.
At the end of these steps, we take care of export documents and provide customers with all documents required by authorities in the final destination country.


Our Roveleto di Cadeo (PC) location houses a warehouse that covers more than 30,000 square meters and inside which more than 40 different botanical species are stored in logs, boards and solid panels.
In our warehouse, we receive, process and arrange the shipment of requested orders, inspecting and processing our lumber. We do all this in real time, thanks to a software created especially for us and which guarantees us a timely historicization of orders and specifications of each individual customer, as well as a daily update regarding new arrivals and material availability.