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Inspection and buying

From the selection of the countries of origin best quality forest, the quality control is carried out by our inspectors together with an Arduini family member. This inspection follows the international rules or Arduini inspection rules, which are general and specific rules, applied in each species and uses, considering the quality standard requested by customers for specific contracts (giving preference to those, who follow FSC and PEFC certification). In this case, we take into account our customers’ specific needs and requirements.


In order to maintain and improve our quality standards, we follow carefully our timber’s inspection. After that,  wood can reach our warehouse or our end customers.
Inspected in the countries of origin and processed if required, wood is taken directly from the forest or from the sawmill to the logistics area of the port by road or by river transport, and then loaded into containers, in order to reach the final destination.
At the end of these steps, we take care of export documents and provide customers with all documents required by authorities in the final destination country.


In our more than 30.000 sqm warehouse and yard, we stock logs, lumber and massive panels of about 40 different species. 

Thanks to our specific warehouse software, created in order to ensure orders historization, customers’ specifications, and products positioning, we take care of receiving, inspecting, counting pieces and processing incoming wood.

Arduini Legnami is fully compliance with HSE regulations and shall ensure that employes can operate safely, especially with forklift and handheld activities. 

Wood treatment

Kiln Drying: Each piece of wood must then be bought into drying condition that exactly matches the correct UL% in order to meet the moisture content of the final application required by the customers and suitable for the end use. Aimed at eradicating pest infestation, KD lumber tratment must be required to reach an internal temperature of 56°C for 30 minutes. We can therefore gurantee the “Export phytosanitary”.

Vaporization: Vaporization is a process that consists in submitting to the action of saturated vapor green wood stacked inside a cell, to increase the temperature around 100 ° C, it softens the wood fibers and thus allow an easier manipulation of the raw material. Arduini Legnami’s goal is to change the natural color of the wood (walnut and exotic wood in particular) through a procedure that is natural and not through chemical laboratory.