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From 1950 the the present

We process wood for companies since 1957

We import, export and process logs from West Africa, North America and Europe since 1957, when Angelo Arduini founded Arduini Legnami Spa. Since that time, we select logs and lumber with the same care and passion that have distinguished us for so many years. We produce lumber of various thicknesses meeting our customers’ demands thanks to our sawmill.

The "Arduini Angelo Legnami" Company

"Arduini Angelo Legnami" was founded in Roveleto di Cadeo in a 10,000 square-meter area where it initially engaged in the sale and natural drying of household lumber in a single storage used to store processed lumber in boards and panels.

The company's growth

Arduini Legnami introduce the first sawmill, building a dedicated warehouse.

From Europe to exotic countries

Arduini Legnami takes its first steps in a new business based on exotic logs, with the construction of a new dedicated sawmill.

Arduini Legnami S.p.A is born
Attrezzature segheria Arduini

The great growth of the business leads Mr. Arduini to the transformation of the company into a joint stock company: Arduini Legnami S.p.A.. At the same time he had a new warehouse built to store exotic woods and purchased new equipment for the sawmill.

Arduini Legnami SpA commercial activity
Nuovi Capannoni Arduini Legnami

The duplicated business activity leads to the purchase of a new area, to the construction of new buildings, new offices and a second warehouse for storing European lumber.

From Europe to America

The first steps are beginning to be taken toward importing, processing and selling American and Canadian lumber.

Federica Arduini's joining the company

Federica Arduini joins the family business covering the role of purchasing department manager.

Gianantonio Arduini's joining the company

Gianantonio Arduini joins the family business covering the role of sales department manager.

The logistical development of the company

Andrea Fantini joins the company, handling the development of the logistics sector and the launch of foreign markets.