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Quality assurance and sustainability

For years we have been working with the utmost respect and protection of the forests from which our timber comes.
This is the reason why we support the battle against illegal logging of wood and its derivatives, holding FSC and PEFC certifications that allow us to provide traceability and a guarantee of legality to the end consumer. We are committed to following and adapting our systems, faithfully supporting the requirements of the EUTR Regulation and disapproving of illegal logging, illegal trade in timber or forest products.

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Proper and Responsible Forest Management Certification.

It is an international, independent and not-for-profit NGO, which includes environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries that trade and process timber, scientists and technicians who work together, in order to improve forest management worldwide.

Contact us for FSC® certified products available on request.

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Certification of forest management.

“Forest management certification” indicates a recognised and tested verification procedure, leaded by an independent body of a certificate, granting that forest management forms meet certain requirements of “sustainability”.

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Why does Arduini Legnami S.p.A. choose FSC® and PEFC?

The European Union Timber Regulation has the potential to mitigate 55 to 88 million metric tons CO2 per year.
(White et al., 2019).

Credible certification labels make the positive externalities of proper forest management visible to the public.
(Roberts 2012). (Romero et al., 2013).