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What we do

We are specialized in tailor made wood processing, especially for logs (sawn and veneer logs) and sawn wood.

Logs and lumber are always available in our yard and they are ready to be sawn in our sawmill, according to customers’ specifications.

We take care and responsability for our wood, from the inspection in the countries of origin to logistic and trimming of wood, until the delivery to our customers’ worldwide yards.

Arduini Legnami Spa

Arduini Legnami Spa is a leading company in European import wood market. Since 1957, we have been importing logs from the most important foreign markets: West Africa, North America, Canada, Northern and Eastern Europe. At our headquarters in Italy (Roveleto di Cadeo PC), wood is reworked and treated with special drying and evaporation systems and finally resold according to customers’ specific requests.



European Timber Regulation EUTR

Every day, we monitor and adapt our systems, faithfully supporting the requirements of the European Timber  Regulation EUTR, against illegal logging of wood and derivatives. 

Why Arduini Legnami spa choses FSC?

The EU trade in certified tropical timber has the potential to mitigate 55 to 88 million metric tons CO2 a year (White et al., 2019). A credible label of certification makes the positive externalities of proper forest management visible to the public (Roberts 2012). (Romero et al., 2013).

Certification systems allow consumers to directly influence forest management by purchasing certified products. As demand for certified products increases, so does the pressure on forest companies to become certified to maintain their market share (Auld et al. 2008). Citizens assume that certified forest products come from sustainably managed forests, making certification a de facto “quality assurance” mechanism for the sustainability performance of a forest product (Clark & Kozar, 2011).


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